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Practice Area

Personal Injury and Torts
      Mr. Baugh represents both plaintiffs and defendants in claims arising out of vehicular accidents, wrongful death, fraud, and injuries arising out of the use of tools, machines or other products.

      Assisting clients with most areas of business law and commercial litigation, as they affect small businesses and consumers. Assistance with forming corporations or Limited Liability Companies.

Workers Compensation
      Mr. Baugh has represented both injured workers and defendants in cases involving on-the-job injuries or death, and retailiatory discharge.

Premises Liability
      Extensive representation of clients involving accidents and injuries which occur at home or at a business.

      Mr. Baugh has performed insurance defense work for many years, representing numerous companies. This includes automobile, property and casualty, health, life, and workers compensation. He continues to provide efficient, cost effective services to insurance carriers and self-insured corporations, including defense against claims of negligence, fraud, bad faith, wrongful death, and premises liability.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
      Mr. Baugh can assist in the settlement of your dispute as a certified mediator or an arbitrator. As a mediator, he has successfully assisted in the resolution of numerous disputes, from simple to complex. He is available to act as a neutral in any type of civil case, including divorce and custody. His fee as a mediator is greatly reduced in domestic relations cases. He will also assist couples in resolving their issues prior to filing for their divorce. 

Arbitration does not have to be costly. Even if your contract specifies a particular procedure for arbitration, you can save time and money by agreeing to appoint Mr. Baugh as arbitrator. In most cases, ADR provides immediate and equitable relief to disputants with hearings/conferences scheduled within a few weeks. ADR may be used to resolve any type of dispute, including personal injury, matrimonial, contract, labor, wrongful discharge, discrimination, defamation, products liability ...For additional info on the various methods of ADR, click the "ADR Methods" link above.

      Divorce, adoption, custody, juvenile matters, guardians, wills, deeds, grandparent rights, probate of estates

      Advice and assistance with the formation of contracts, and the breaches of contracts.